October 2005 to March 2018


Few ever live up to their namesake. But Miles, you did.

And so much more.

You were cool, suave, but never pretentious. Confidence followed in your paw steps. Maybe that’s the mark of a fine cat—or any cat—but you were far from being any cat. In all that confidence there was never an air of indifference or superiority. You defied the typical definition of what it meant to be feline. It was evident in your grace, your dignity, and your attempts at humor that always kept our attention.

You sought that attention because you knew it was yours, in a house filled with love.

We were always yours. You owned our hearts in a way few people will ever have the fortune to know. You mesmerized two little girls with your playfulness, and it is certain that your life will continue to warm the memories of their childhood for years to come.

Handsome, sleek, debonair; you were all these, and will live on in our memory as the dashing cat who could own any room he entered. It was because of one thing.

At the very center of you was your heart, overflowing with love, pronounced in your unending affections. Its beat was heavy in the rhythm of your purr. It endures as a reminder that, in our hearts, you will live forever.

H.A. Callum