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Light Talks

Thomas Aquinas says something I want to say to you in a poem called, What Does Light Talk About?

When you recognize her beauty,
the eye applauds, the heart stands in an ovation,
and the tongue when she is near
is on its best behavior,
it speaks more like light.

What does light talk about?
I asked a plant that once.
It said, “I am not sure,
but it makes me

When I see you, I promise I will recognize and honor your beauty. My eye will applaud, my heart will stand in an ovation, and my tongue will be on its best behavior.

It will speak like light to comfort and encourage you.


Reveries and Buttercups

“The sun shines not on us but in us.” – John Muir

Dear Emma,

Today marks the astronomical start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. With the longest daylight hours upon us, I search inwardly for light. For you see, bright memories of you live within my heart and occupy my mind. I am most alive when I revert to the time and place when you walked among the living. Lost in my reveries, I always find my way to you.

You are teaching me how to connect the dots and make constellations out of my solitude. Connections to you come through the song of a sparrow, a gentle summer rain, a field of buttercups. When your shape radiates through nature, I can almost reach over, take your hand and walk with you once again.

You shine within me,


Holding In Light


Hi Darling:

I am sorry you’re not feeling well. The Quakers have a practice called holding someone in the Light. For them, it’s a kind of visual prayer, in which with mind and heart you place someone dear in the Eternal’s love and illuminating presence.

I’m doing this for you. I picture you being bathed in a warm, restorative light. Your body moves freely in this sparkle and spirit and in my heart I sense you will feel better soon. It may not happen suddenly and miraculously, but it will happen, I’m sure.

And when you rise from bed, I’ll be there to help you stand, to make you hot soup and cornbread, to run your bath, and dry and oil your back. I’ll stay with you as long as you need because I want you well again.

My, you look lovely surrounded in this celestial light, as lovely as an angel.

Loving you deeply,



Hellos and Goodbyes

Dear C,

I was traveling in the darkness before dawn, driving west, away from you. The mile markers between us continued to grow. A feeling of hopelessness washed over me, like the lights had been turned out on our love. Sleet fell, casting an ominous pallor across my windshield. I felt lost, disoriented by a direction that no longer feels right. For a moment I wondered whether the pain of our repeated separations would ever reconcile with the joy of our reunions. The two are constantly at odds. The uplifting highs of being together are countered by the disheartening lows of going solo. How do I find balance between the two? I see you, and I’m on top of the world. We say our goodbyes, and I sink into despair.

I was lost in this place of despair for hours, and then something simple but amazing happened: morning.  I looked east and saw a rural airport beneath a heavenly sky. My spirits rose, and I found peace in the clouds. In the light of day I saw myself heading toward you, not away. Keeping faith, I am confident our hellos and goodbyes will one day merge and find a home under a single roof.

Faithfully yours, your darling. xx



In the chorus of Kaskade’s Atmosphere are the words, All my life I’ve been a star, holding a light up in the dark. When I look around I feel like I sense a great crowd of people wandering around in the dark. Either the bills are piling up, work is going badly, relationships are strained, or the losses seem insurmountable.

In The Ancient Mariner Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote:

A man all light, a seraph-man, On every corse there stood. This seraph-band, each waved his hand: It was a heavenly sight! They stood as signals to the land, Each one a lovely light.

We don’t have to fix things – or people. Shining a little light with a kind word, a personal gift, or a moment of a busy day will go a long way toward lifting someone’s spirit. We can be a heavenly sight for a person who needs to know they’re loved.

Check out Kaskade’s Atmosphere, and shine your light today!