She Nuts Up

Loving Rick Estrin & The Nightcats’ She Nuts Up.

Oh, my woman’s just the sweetest little thing;
she’s got brains, she’s got class, she’s so fine;
but something bad musta happened to her back in the day,
‘cause there’s so something wrong with her mind.
Oh, she nuts up. Man, she nuts up. And it ain’t about if, naw, it’s just about when, for God knows she’s gonna nut up again.

I’m smiling, almost laughing at Rick’s grief because I can relate. I know someone who nuts up every now and then. But my someone usually goes ballistic because I provoke her. I touch the wrong buttons, maybe mishear, misspeak, or misunderstand. I don’t always handle our relationship properly, I know. I’m just thankful my someone’s nuts up is sort of charming in a searing hot and caustic kind of way. And when it calms and passes, like Rick says in the song, she makes everything right when we turn out the lights, and rock the house at midnight.


86,400 Seconds

Hello Beautiful:

I woke this morning realizing I have only 86,400 seconds today to center my thoughts on you.

That’s how I enjoy using my time, because, let’s be real, you are a one-of-a-kind adventure, my love, a real joy-giver. My friends swear daily meditation keeps them grounded, but I prefer to focus my attention on you. Remembering your smile makes me smile, and I laugh every time I replay your silly jokes in my head.

Each day time credits me with 86,400 seconds. It seems like a lot, but if I misuse a second, the loss is mine. There is no going back. So right now I open myself to imaginings of you. Come and live in my thoughts today, my dear. The sea is calm when I’m adrift in reverie of you.

Only Yours,